The Role Of PPC Management

Published: 25th February 2010
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Pay-per-click search engines truly drive loads of traffic to your website and use of them is cost-effective because you don't actually pay for advertisements. Rather, you bid on keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to the information, products or services provided by your website.

Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) is an extremely lucrative market to get into and there are many PPC marketers out there that are making millions of dollars a year with it. However, learning PPC can be quite a daunting task, especially for newbies.

The bidding price for the keyword is also highly variable. General keywords like "car rental" are more expensive and will generate more impressions than a specific keyword phrase like "cheap rental car in cape town". As more and more companies adopt PPC marketing, keyword bidding prices are increasing and advert positioning is becoming more competitive.

Identify your priority keywords (the ones that convert best) as the ones to spend budget & time on. Take a second look at the keywords that don't convert - there could be a simple reason why - perhaps you haven't explained yourself properly in the advert or the landing page or maybe you need to ensure your advert is only showing for relevant searches through keyword matching

For those that have not heard this before or are completely new to internet marketing, these are the advertisements that you see on the right hand side of your screen or at the very top of your Google searches.

There have been many small business website owners who have lost their proverbial shirts with bid for placement advertising. Case study after case study has shown that the reason that most fail with PPC is a lack of understanding on how to maximize the bid for placement model to their advantage across various networks simultaneously.

To calculate the value you first need to determine your conversion rate by dividing your average number of unique visitors per month by your average sales per month.

Most website owners can handle their own ppc management once they get a grasp on what it is all about and how pay-per-click programs work. PPC management can be time consuming, but it really is not too complicated.

PPC is a cost effective means of reaching global customers, much cheaper than traditional media, which is usually limited to the immediate audience within its reach (be it TV, radio or print). Only web marketing can give you global reach at such a cost effective rate.

In order to maximize the limited space, your PPC advertisement must have catchy lines on it to compel users to click on it. That is why determining what advertising approach works in the market can be very useful for your own ads, too. Keyword analysis and selection are given importance in PPC campaign management.

PPC Bully is all about saving time, effort and money in PPC advertising. As it has been earlier, PPC is the most effective way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

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